Lahinch storm 2014


Lahinch Storm

We were battered and bruised in Lahinch by the high seas over the New Year. The oldest surviving Vaughan of my Dad’s generation is Eamonn who is in his Eighties and ran a wonderful restaurant Mr Eamonns for years. Eamonn suggested that there were storm waves in the 1950’s that matched the strength of what we witnessed in January. Here is a shot of a good onslaught that caused O Looneys such carnage. The Lahinch Storm as it was referred to was as bad as can be endured on the Wild Atlantic Way

Promenade during storm Jan2014

Storm at Lahinch 2014

photo 3

Early morning Lahinch January 2014

It was relentless for over three weeks and the Golf Club at Lahinch was not left unscathed. Water logged fairways and battered greens have taken the best efforts of the groundscrew to turn around and it is only now in May that the course is returning to its old self. Down the road in Doonbeg where rock armour is in short supply on the beach, the course there has two holes with major damage. The new owner at Doonbeg, Donald Trump has to wait though for the environmental lobby to adjudicate his plans for coastal defense. The beach at Lahinch is returning to its old self bu now although the shifting of sands has caused a new layout to the beach surface than we had before. But that is nature – constantly redefining and resettling. I took this shot a few weeks after the storm on the beach on a lovely crisp Spring morning. There is a serenity on the beach in the early morning that could be therapy for thousands if they could only get here and enjoy that solitary walk with nature!! Luckily for Vaughan Lodge we only had a slate or two removed from the roof and myself and Shane were ably up there and got it sorted before long.

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