2016 Lahinch

Exterior 1916 FlagsThroughout 2016 the Irish State is commemorating the events of the 1916 uprising and the consequences of that Easter. Here at Vaughan Lodge Hotel in Lahinch we are remembering the struggle for Irish Independence through the flags that we are flying for the season.

All three flags have a significance and place in our history.

The Green Flag with the Golden Harp and motto “Eireann go Bragh” ( Ireland forever) was used in 1798 by the United Irishmen as they attempted an uprising. Robert Emmet later used a variation. In 1847 a group of irish men called the “Los Patricios” used that standard as they faught on the Mexican side against America in that war.

The other green flag with the lettering “Irish Republic” was raised above the General Post Office in 1916 by Oglaig na h-Eireann lead by Padraic Pearce.

The Irish flag (bratach na hÉireann) – also known as the Irish tricolor – was flown publicly for the first time during the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848, on March 7, in Waterford City, at the Wolfe Tone Confederate Club. It was flown by Thomas Francis Meagher, then a leader of the Young Irelander movement, who later became Brigadier General Thomas Francis Meagher of the Union Army during the American Civil War. The Flag depicts the white symbol of peace between the Orange ( Union supporters ) and the Green ( Nationalists )

We are proud of our own association with the struggles after 1916 where Miko Vaughan played a vital role in local history and suffered the burning of his business by “The Tans” as a result.



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